Welcome to Simply Serenity Therapeutic Massage! We are dedicated to helping you be physically balanced and mentally refreshed by the wide variety of services that we offer. We value the health care of our clients and personalize each massage to serve them.  We are also an Independant Distributor of ItWorks! to help you reach your health goal. 

Our goal at Simply Serenity is to help you be relaxed, relieved of pain, healthy and keep every day stress out of your life!


Massage Therapists Prayer

Let me dedicate my life today

to the care of those 

who come my way.


Let me touch each one

with healing hands

for the gentle art

of which I stand.


Let the divine force

flow from me to you

let our energy

and spirit renew.


And then tonight

when day is done

let me rest in peace

if I helped just one.




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